Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh Deer!

Nature is too much with me, late and soon
Eating and pooping, deer lay waste my garden
Little reason have I to give them pardon
Yet their wild grace begets a mollifying boon . . .

Not sure whether to feel honored or merely dismissed that the neighborhood deer feel so at home in our backyard:


Joelle said...

Awww! They're so cute!

(I can say that because they aren't eating up MY yard *grin*)

Serena said...

That is really something! I guess when you have deer in a populated area like yours, then maybe they need to up the deer hunting permits. (Got a negative comment from Joelle who was watching over my shoulder as I wrote) They really are beautiful and so cool to get to see them up close like that. They must like your yard because the residents are worthy of it. *grin*