Thursday, August 21, 2008

File This Under: "You Learn Something New Every Day"

Sadie and Rylee and I took a delightful nine-year-old named Kayla to the Issaquah Zoo today. At their great animal tracks exhibit, and Kayla pointed to a lemur's tracks and said, "That's a monkey's print."

I was excited that she recognized it as a primate's. "Actually, it's a lemur's, but they're primates too, so that was a good observation," I encouraged.

Kayla said, "Yeah, I knew it was some sort of monkey. Humans are just monkeys too, you know; except, we've dissolved."


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Anonymous said...

We've dissolved - - - hilarious!

Today T. came in and excitedly (and with no intended meaness) told me I had a big butt. When I just stared for a moment (wasn't expecting that, you know) he thought I didn't understand, turned around, pulled down his pants, grabbed his behind and said, "this mama, you have this."
I roared with laughter after he left.
Gotta love kid's minds.