Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Reading (Had Me a Blast)

The burning question on every mind this summer is, "What are the crazy libertarian types reading on the sandy shores of the countries where they keep their hidden bank accounts and sip Bahama Mamas?"

Well, I have at least a partial answer for you. Go and read what some contributors to Liberty magazine have slipped into their beachbags. Oh yeah, you'll see some recommendations from me there, too. Though, I do not have any off-shore accounts, I have been known to enjoy a drink or two containing tiny paper umbrellas in my time.


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Flicka Spumoni said...

We, (I am "we" now that I'm pregnant. Plus, I wish to invoke our dear "Pat".) - We had the pleasure of having our summer reading delivered to us in a tidy, package left at our front door. Many offerings to choose from, but we decided to begin with "The Woman and The Dynamo."

You are correct. Steven Cox is a formidable talent. He writes a fluent history, bringing to life a truly remarkable individual. Having never heard of her, she is now our dear friend since childhood.

His accounting of Pat is riveting. We can barely put it down. Indeed, we don't want to put it down, but are made to by pesky brats demanding "lunch" or some other such nonsense.

We are jealous of Pat's prodigious grasp of literature. We wish we had some guiding principle of story, something other than our gut instructing us. At the very least, Pat has made us desire a mere fraction of the working knowledge of literary devices she possess if only to be able to recognize when we reject them. We want to be like her, but much nicer.

We are only about half through and savoring every page. But we've already determined that we must read The God of The Machine.

We are very grateful to be the beneficiary of One who bestows books upon her favored.

Flicka Spumoni