Monday, May 21, 2007

Motherly Wisdom Gleaned From Experiences With a Monkey-Child: Volume 1

How to tell that your child has recovered from stomach flu:

1) Chart the firmness of his or her stools.
2) Make a timeline of what solid foods stayed down and for how long
3) Note the diminishing levels of vomit in the "puke bucket"
4) Watch your child run downstairs and fling open the door to the garage to demand from his or her mother -- who has just returned from running some small errand -- a cookie. Then, after he or she has downed peanut butter bread and one cookie, hear him or her meck on and on about wanting homemade spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

After these careful observations, it should become evident that your child has indeed recovered from the stomach flu and is well on his or her way back to the usual monkey shines.


Anonymous said...

Justine, methinks # 4 would be the most telling point? :P

joelle said...

Praise God, I have yet to deal with my munchkin having the flu!

Poor bug - glad she's feeling better! :)