Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rain, Rain, Come and Play -- Visit Justine Every Day!

So, we were down in SoCal a couple weeks ago to celebrate Sadie's Big 0-4 at Disneyland. The weather was a miserable 82 - 88°! We bought a couple of souvenirs at the World of Disney gift shop, and the cashier, in asking for ID noticed my husband's WA driver's license. "Oh! You're from Washington? How are you enjoying our winter weather down here?"

"I hate it," I moodily interjected. "I miss the rain and can hardly wait to get home."

The poor lady thought that I was being sarcastic. I am rarely sarcastic. She laughed nervously.

"Oh, you're kidding, right?"

"No," Jason replied, "She's not. She really does love the rain and cold."

Yep, I really do. It could rain 300 days a year, and I would be in seventh heaven. This is my natural habitat: the Pacific Northwest. Southern Californians have nothing to be so smug about. Flying into John Wayne International and seeing the bland browns and tans of a rainless clime and then flying back into SeaTac over a riot of greens and blues is more than enough confirmation -- should confirmation really be necessary -- that I am blessed to live in the most beautiful place in Creation. At least, it is that way to my eyes. My dad would aver that Western Pennsylvania is the model of Eden -- Jason is partial to the vast expanse of borderless sky that characterizes the Great Plains. As a wise man once reminded me, "That's what makes a horse race."

For your edification and envy, here is the ten-day forecast for my beloved and soggy home:

10-Day Forecast for Renton, WA

Today, Mar. 15
Mostly Cloudy

Friday, Mar. 16

Saturday, Mar. 17

Sunday, Mar. 18
Few Showers

Monday, Mar. 19

Tuesday, Mar. 20
Few Showers

Wednesday, Mar. 21
Mostly Cloudy

Thursday, Mar. 22
Few Showers

Friday, Mar. 23

Saturday, Mar. 24


Joelle said...

Ah, looks like you'll be in your own heaven on earth! :)

I loved Ireland for how beautiful it is - and it's rainy as well. The Pacific NW is the closest to Ireland that we have in the states, I believe, though Ireland has less trees!

I would personally like a place with temps around 70, 5 days sunny or partially sunny, and the rest can be rainy/overcast.

I know, dream on. :)

I hope you had fun at Disney in spite of the heat and lack of rain?

Evi said...

I'm with you on that. I rarely admit publicly how I love moderate overcast weather for the reactions I receive. I'll take the rain any day over blazing sun!

vermonster said...

At this point, I think I'd welcome the rain. After a week of 40 degree weather that melted the 20" of snow from Valentine's Day and teased us with a taste of Spring, we just got 12" of snow overnight in honor of St. Patrick's Day....YIPEE!

But I will take the snow over hurricanes and tornados any day!

Amigo said...

To be fair, we have had so little rain that you were unable to see the rare moment when the hills of southern california are green.

A couple of years ago, we almost broke the record for rain, and the hills were green as emeralds.

Then the grass flowered and the sun scorched it.

Amigo said...

And by a record, we got as much rain in a year as Washington probably gets in a month.

Arielle said...

I do love cold and rainy weather. I also happen to love being able to see for miles under the huge expanse of sky on the great plains.

So where will I probably be living for years, if not for the rest of my life?

Hot, humid, semi-tropical Florida.


kadieensley said...

I agree. Love the rain, absolutely love it!