Monday, February 12, 2007

My Favorite from the De-Motivational Posters Series

Funnily enough (Is "funnily" a legitimate adverb? Must look it up later in the OED), I was reminded of this poster by a cool screensaver that came with my Cozi family organizer. The screensaver brings up a slideshow collage of various pictures from different folders in our computer. From the folder, "Clip Art Downloads," which is basically anything I've ripped off of the Internet, came the collage of this poster, a publicity shot of Carolyn Arends, an album cover of Amy Grant, a photo of Carole Lombard, and a photo of Rosalind Russell -- all of whom are some of the least dysfunctional ladies ever to have graced the (musical) stage or screen.


Joelle said...

I really love that Amy Grant album. In fact both her Hymns & Faith albums are among my favorite.

Serena said...

That is what my little ones wanted to listen to as they went to sleep tonight. Amy is one of Rick's favorites. I really enjoy the hymn albums. In fact, Rick got pretty excited when he saw you had her on here when he stopped by the other night.
Love and shalom,

Amigo said...

Help me out with Amy Grant.

I really like her singing. "Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus" ranks up there as one of my favorite Christian songs.

But then comes her personal life (as I understand it). She is divorced from her 1st husband and marries another man, who divorced his wife and married Amy Grant. I read where she said she felt God "released her" from her first marriage.

Now I am not trying to be smart mouthed or mean here, but isn't this pretty much what John the Baptist slammed Herod for?

I understand God forgives us our sins, but I really don't get the feeling that Grant ever really repented.

If I'm out of line on her, let me know and delete my comment.