Thursday, August 03, 2006

A New Site

Thank you for visiting "The Musings of Justine."
I have a new site that I would like to invite you to visit. It is called "The Singing Sparrow."

I'm still keeping "Musings" up, but I'll probably be posting more personal stuff here, while the reviews, etc. will move over to "Sparrow."

"The Singing Sparrow" takes its name from several of my favorite quotes. One is from Carolyn Arends's song "Dance Like No One's Watching" wherein she sings: I want to sing just like the sparrow, 'cause the sparrow knows that Your eye will be upon her everywhere that she goes. I love when Jesus points out that not one sparrow, which can be purchased at the price of two for one copper coin, can fall to the ground without the Father's knowing. He then proclaims: The very hairs of your head are numbered; do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows (Matthew 10:29-31). So, if even the sparrow can sing in the confidence of the Lord's loving mercy, how much more should I?

I also thought of one of my favorite poems -- this translation of a Victor Hugo verse:
Be like the bird who,
Resting in flight
On a twig too slight,
Feels it bend beneath him
Yet sings,
Knowing he has wings.

I hope you'll visit there and return here, too.

Peace to all!


Flicka Spumoni said...

Out a' sight! Home run! Absolutely brilliant new sight.

Can't wait to see the stuff you post on it.

Serena said...

When you get a word verification like this you have to post no matter what -

Now that sounds like some crazy expression, doesn't it? Maybe we all need to say "yowmacuo" when something is impressive. So "yowmacuo" to you and your new site.

Love and shalom,