Sunday, February 05, 2006

About the Superbowl ...


Win it for The Bus!

(And my dad!)


Amigo said...

You live in Washington and you rooted for the Steelers? You must be popular with the neighbors.

Anonymous said...

That's because her parent-inherited Western Pennsylvania DNA is finally kicking in! Just wait until the Pirates overcome their decades-long horrors and win the Series (possibly in our lifetimes), thereby resurrecting the memories of Maz's game-winning homer to beat the Yanks in 1960, the days when The Great Roberto roamed right field (mere mortals have played there ever since), and the "We Are Family" days of Pops Stargell in 1970. Then she will also shake the dust of the parvenu Mariners from her shoes and become the complete Pittsburgh fan her mother was and her father still is.

P.S. Flicka Spumoni, I also have forgotten the codes necessary to show myself as a bona fide blogger, so I will just sign myself
Justine's Father

Justine said...

Hmmm...Pirates, eh? I dunno -- I guess they'll be my favorite National League team (after the Giants, whom I will love as long as Randy Winn plays for them). But my Mariners! -- I cannot stay away (even after their egregious mid-season trade of my beloved Randy). We like the Twins too, since they'll be our "home team" when we're in SD. But I'll always root for the Pirates over, say, the San Diego Padres (boo!) or the Cardinals (BOO!), or many other teams.

But FOOTBALL? There will never be any other team but the Steelers!