Friday, November 18, 2005

A Dad and the Things He Loves

Father of the Year (1980?)
I tried to blackmail my dad for $2000, but he wouldn't bite, so up this picture goes on my blog. Seriously, it's just too good to keep hidden from the world. Jason calls this photo: Your Dad and All the Things That He Loves. Yep, that's me (6 or 7 years old) in the background. While my dad doesn't smoke cigarettes any more, he is still a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, still enjoys a brewsky, and still loves his little girl. Groove, if you will, on the cabin decor done up in late-Hippie. Bet Dad would love to have that belly back!
The photo's caption was suggested by my dad, but I used it only partly tongue-in-cheek. You see, my dad really deserves to be "Father of the Year" every year. No daughter could ask for a better dad. He was always there for me, my biggest supporter, my number one fan. He filled me with confidence, with curiosity, with courage. I would not be the woman - the wife and mother - that I am today without his loving influence throughout my life. God saw that I needed just such a dad and, in His infinite goodness, provided. My dad is not (yet) a Christian, but he is the kind of father who made it easy for me to accept, when I learned of Jesus' Abba, that such a Heavenly Father was true and good.


Andrea said...

That's a really sweet tribute to your dad. I wish I had a dad...but I'm looking forward to seeing a relationship like that between my son and husband (even more than what they already have now). All little kids need a loving dad...I could really hurt anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.

Post more frequently, Justine! Your writing is too good to have so sporadically :)

Flicka Spumoni said...

That was really sweet, Justine!

CrazyJo said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father!
I wish my relationship with my dad was better. I was reading in a book about how women equate God with how their fathers treated them, and even though I already knew that, it suddenly hit me - I struggle with feeling like even though God loves me he's just not that interested in me, or that he really doesn't care about the every day stuff I go through. My dad loves me, but I know he's really not all that interested in me. Other things are a lot more important to him.
I'm glad you had such a good role model to help prepare you for knowing your heavenly Father. It's definitely a blessing!

Arielle said...

That's funny - I don't think I tend to equate the way Dad treats or treated me with how G-d treats me - but I think I do that with Mike sometimes. I'll have to watch that in the future.

Thank you for sharing, Justine. It is so nice to see someone honor their father this way.

Amigo said...

Hippy decor with a refrigerator with the "almond" color. Must've been a fairly new fridge. An older one would have been harvest gold or coffee brown.

I will remember to keep the salvation of your father in my prayers.