Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More Sadie Pics!

Who's cuter than Sadie (other parents: don't answer that!)? Here are some Bug Moments captured on digital film and posted for the enjoyment of all who stop by (especially friends and family who will be sent an e-mail alert):
As always, click on a picture to see it larger, brighter and more in-your-face.

Notes and Clarifications on the Above Pics:

Yes, we are big Mariners fans in this household, but Sadie went to a Twins game in May, and we got her a souvenir shirt. The MN Twins are probably our second favorite MLB team - at least in the American League.

Sadie and Mom are making Rumpledoodles in the second set of pics.

Sadie is going to be a ring bearer/flower girl at my friend Kadie's September wedding. This is the dress she is to wear in the ceremony - destined to become ever afterward her Angelina Ballerina dress.

This little dance move is Sadie's version of Balla Bambina, a Wiggles dance.

Sadie and her new Sandboat sandbox (before we put play-sand in it).

Sadie eats Pasta and Meatballs ("Possum and Lightbulbs") in a manner that evokes her mother about 29 years ago.

Sadie wears the turban-towel hat that her Grandma Sheri sent her, and she looks smashing as always.

Peace to All!


Amigo said...

Ok, you stumped me. What are rumpledoodles?

Sadie does take a cute picture, even when covered by pasta and meatballs, I mean possum and lightbulbs.

Justine said...

Hola Amigo!
"Rumpledoodles are biscuits - go rather well with honey." --Lumpy the Heffalump from Pooh's Heffalump Movie

You've gotta know these things when you're the parent of a toddler!

Peace to you!

Serena said...

She is so cute! I especially like the one of her helping mix the rumpledoodles, but then the sandbox one, the towel one with the surprised look and the spaghetti ones are great, too. She is quite photogenic. My 5 year old just lost her 2nd tooth today. My 3.5 year old informed me when I was putting his shoes on this morning that the fan did not cut off his finger! They grow up so fast. Enjoy them at this age. My oldest is 29 on the 4th of July and I still have memories when she was little like your daughter and my younger ones! I was just talking to my 26 yr old daughter and she told me she understands why I love babies so much. The picture on my blog is with her baby on the day he was born. I then lamented that I probably won't be having any more babies and she reminded me I have grandbabies. I told her it still is not the same. Though, I have to admit in some ways it is really nice because Mommy and Daddy have to take care of the baby all the time and I get to do it when I want. LOL!
Well, enough of my rambling.
Love and shalom,

Flicka Spumoni said...

She is adorable! Isn't motherhood grand? Do us all a favor and have about 11 more. America needs more great thinkers like you to save her from sinking.

Serena said...

I agree. It sounds like you are a wonderful mommy. Are you going to home educate? You will be great at it.
Love and shalom,

Justine said...

Hi Ladies and Amigo!

Thanks for the nice comments about the Boo-Bug - she's our pride and joy - and we spoil her to no end.

I am planning on homeschooling - though my dad would point out that I've been homeschooling since she was born (or before, even, if you count headphones on my belly and reading aloud to my belly).

I cannot get enough of watching her learn and live and love. I wish all mamas could have this privilege of all-the-time mama-ing. I'd love to have about 11 more, but it's hard enough to convince Jason for just one more (Sadie is sweet as pie, but she's a handful too!).

Peace to you and your children who I am sure rise up and call you blessed!