Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sadie and Jesus

"There's a world of wonders waiting in store just outside our door, but the greatest thing that we ever will do is kneel by your bedside and introduce you to the One Who first thought of the wonder of you, your Father in Heaven." --Carolyn Arends, "Your Father in Heaven" from the album We've Been Waiting For You: The Parenthood Project

This past Sunday, Sadie, who now goes to "big girl" Sunday school instead of the church nursery, had a poopy-butt when we retrieved her at the end of service. While I was changing her in the bathroom, I asked her conversationally what she had learned that day. She told me that she colored a picture of Jesus. Then she clasped her hands in front of her and told me that she had been taught how to pray to Jesus. That's just one of those moments you live for as a parent. I got all choked up, right in the middle of a diaper change in the church bathroom. She's learning how to pray to Jesus. Wow.

Last night, we had our first "official" goodnight prayers session together after her two bedtime stories and drink of water. I've been waiting since before I was even pregnant to share this moment with her. We knelt together and clasped our hands before us. I told her that I would start, and she could add whatever she wanted to say at the end. So I started by thanking Jesus for His gift of salvation, for another day of watching Sadie grow, for my marriage to Jason, for our respective families, for our house, our sustenance, our church, our community, our troops, our country, and so on. Then I asked Sadie if she would like to add anything else for which she was thankful. She added that she was thankful for the park and dogs. Then I asked for God's protection over our family's health and safety, and for Him to watch especially over the vulnerable children of the world, born and unborn. We said, "Amen!" and she crawled into bed for her lullabies. Another milestone reached. I am so grateful.

Then, just this morning, I was singing a song about Jesus, and Sadie suddenly said, "I love Jesus..." and, as I started to beam with motherly pride and gratitude, she made my jaw drop by adding, "...because Jesus is a bad-ass." Oh dear. Well, He is. But, I think we'll have to work this kink out before next Sunday...

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